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Jan. 3rd, 2011

better off ted: healthy competition


What Was That? (Ted/Veronica, Lem, Phil, Linda) (R)

I completely forgot to crosspost this bit of lunacy I wrote for the last Porn Battle.

What Was That?
Ted/Veronica. Ted, Veronica, Lem, Phil, Linda.
prompt words: hair down, acoustics, all lit up, oneupmanship
Project Smile - really?
olivia | queen


Fic: Let Them Eat Cake; PG-13

Title: Let Them Eat Cake
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ensemble
Words: 2, 644
Disclaimer: Don't own Better Off Ted
Notes: au_bingo prompt-- Alternate History: someone never died

He glances at Linda, “Why would the company want to kill Jenkins?” he asks in a low tone.

Oct. 26th, 2010

actors: lana/sean: porno AU


(no subject)

Farscape (15)
Lost (15)
Dollhouse (12)
Better off Ted (05)

Clickety Click

May. 22nd, 2010



Better Off Ted Officially Canceled

For those of you who have not heard yet, Better Off Ted was officially canceled on May 13th.

From TV Series Finale:

"To no surprise, ABC’s Better Off Ted has been cancelled after two seasons on the air. Though it was a hit with critics and a devout group of fans, it just never found a mass audience.

Better Off Ted follows Ted Crisp (Jay Harrington) and his fellow employees at Veridian Dynamics, a strange and heartless technology company. The rest of the cast includes Andrea Anders, Jonathan Slavin, Malcolm Barrett, and Portia de Rossi.

Last May, ABC decided to show some faith in the freshman sitcom and renewed Better Off Ted for a second season. At that time, the ratings weren’t great and they got even worse after the renewal announcement.

When the network began airing the remainder of season one during the summer months, they averaged a terrible 0.74 in the 18-49 demographic and 2.09 million viewers.

For season two, Ted debuted with a 1.5 rating in the demo and 3.82 million viewers. As bad as those numbers sound, they got even worse.

Paired with Scrubs, ABC decided to burn off the remaining episodes of Ted in January. Despite campaigning from some loyal fans, viewership hit a new low for the season — a 0.8 rating and 2.17 million viewers.

The writing’s been on the wall for a long time and realistically, based on the numbers, the TV show shouldn’t have been renewed for a second season. Many in the cast have taken other jobs and the series has now been cancelled by ABC."

This is obviously very sad for us fans. Once again, like many shows in the past, a great show has been canceled due to low ratings. I can't wait until the networks and studios realize the potential they have to increase viewership by improving their online presence (quicker upload after the time it airs, no proprietary software to watch on their website).

What do you think? Why did Better Off Ted fail to attract a larger audience?

Apr. 22nd, 2010

Orange Kitty



[135 icons]
+[1-90]:] CASTLE
(Stana Katic/Kate Beckett & Nathan Fillion/Rick Castle)

+[91-115]: Better Off Ted
(Portia de Rossi/Veronica; Jay Harrington/Ted)
+[116-135]: Paula Abdul

The rest can be seen HERE @ my journal.
(a/n: Hi there BoT fans. It makes me sad how this show was cut short :(  stupid ABC. Here's how
I handle my grief!)

I've enabled comments there on my journal so please do and credit if you use!


Apr. 14th, 2010

katee tricia


Fic: For Scientific Purposes (Obviously) - Linda/Veronica

Title: For Scientific Purposes (Obviously)
Fandom: Better Off Ted
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~500
Pairing: Linda/Veronica
Spoilers: None
Summary: “We should kiss.” “We should what now?”

Read fic here.

Mar. 17th, 2010

ted veronica creamer



Hi all! I have tried to mask my sadness at BoT being possibly maybe certainly canceled, by making icons. Now, I don't make icons often (read never) so forgive the basic-ness of them if you can and please, be gentle with me :P

See them here

Mar. 5th, 2010



Vote for Better off Ted!

Hulu's running a Best in Show contest, so I figured it's a good chance to show our support by voting for for Better off Ted! (It can't hurt, anyway!)


Feb. 28th, 2010

sleepy hollow


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Feb. 26th, 2010

Movies Bring It


1x08 icons

Damages, Vampire Diaries and Better off Ted @ forsquares :)

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